Starting out with sunglasses, a few of mom’s pots, and a couple of spoons, Caleb Guillebeau was a two year old headed for drum stardom. Getting his first drum set at 3 years of age, the Guillebeau household was anything but quiet.  Caleb later lost interest and began playing sports. Through out this time he listened to his older brother Josh and friend, Ethan Olmstead, playing in their 80’s hair metal cover band. Attending every show, Caleb began wanting to do the same.


He decided to take drumming back up at age 12 saying, “It seemed like everyone was either a guitarist or wanted to be one. It didn’t seem like there were that many drummers out there so I was like, why not?” Drumming was in his blood. “The first song I learned to play in its entirety was ACDC’s Back In Black”, recalls Caleb. He would often play with Josh and his dad, who is a long time bass player. He would also jam with Josh and Olmstead’s 80’s cover band when their drummer had to leave for work. Only a few months after he started drumming again, still at the age of 12, Caleb had his first real band practice when asked to sit in for the new band Josh, Olmstead, and Ethan DeMore where forming. His performance must have impressed his brother and both Ethans because he never left the seat. When the opportunity came to play in a Christian Rock band with his brother and friends, it was a dream come true. Caleb credits Brian Tichy, John Bonham, Alex Van Halen and Tommy Aldridge as the drummers who have most influenced his style of playing.