It all started when Ethan DeMore was around the age of seven. Sitting there with his mom and dad listening to a mix of Southern Rock and Blues artist while his dad was playing his old acoustic guitar, Ethan’s addiction to music started.


Ethan then started learning to play the guitar when he was seven years old learning every Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd song that he could. He grew up going to concert after concert of artist from the Brothers to Eric Clapton. With a background of music like he had, it was only fitting that his first job be at a music store. He was able to work at Center Stage Music for a few years where his knowledge of the music industry grew.


With all of this growth musically, God had a plan to use it for his kingdom. While in the eighth grade, Ethan remembers his youth pastor telling him he needed to be apart of his church’s praise band. Now, nine years later, Ethan is still leading worship at Abilene. He has been able to see, year after year, how God uses music to touch peoples hearts.


Mixing his musical history and the ministry opportunities that he was given, Ethan has made it to where he is today, but where do the connection with The Remedy come in? Back many years ago Ethan and Josh fooled around a little bit with some southern rock covers. Ethan would strap down his amp and guitar to his four-wheeler and head up to Josh’s to “rock out”. This lasted for a couple of months but would have a lasting impact of the two of them. While Ethan was working at Center Stage he would see the Guillebeaus every Friday when they came in for Josh’s guitar lessons. One week DeMore had a show that he was needing a band for. This particular week, Ethan Olmstead was with the Guillebeaus. DeMore asked if they would be interested in helping lead worship at his next show. They got together as a band and the rest is history.