At an age too young to even know what music was, Josh still remembers the first time hearing his dad's Molly Hatchet cassette being played in the car. "It was the first time I'd ever recognized music and was like I like this! I must have only been three or four" Josh says laughing. Being raised on it, naturally Josh had a love for southern rock, soon adding Lynryd Skynryd and .38 Special to his favorites along with Molly Hatchet.


Josh’s interest in actually playing music however began in 3rd grade when he asked for a drum set that year for Christmas. He quickly fell in love with playing, learning by playing along with cd’s, becoming a noteworthy drummer for his age before he was out of elementary school. It wasn’t until 6th grade however that he would pick up a guitar. His father, a long time bassist, suggested getting an electric guitar after watching Josh play “Smoke on the Water” on his bass. After saving up Josh bought his first electric guitar, bringing it home to play through an old eighties Sony stereo system. Looking for people to play with he called his neighbor Ethan DeMore to come play guitar as Josh still considered himself a drummer at the time. They jammed together twice to Lynryd Skynryd's "Simple Man" in Josh's bedroom, to not play together again for six years. Needing people to play with, Josh suggested to his buddy Ethan Olmstead to pick up the bass. Josh and Olmstead then began the longtime band partnership playing together ever since. With the help of a Van Halen album, Josh slowly made the transition from drummer to guitarist as Eddie Van Halen soon became his number one musical influence. From Van Halen to Dokken, Poison, and every Hair Metal band in between he was learning every riff that was played through a modded Marshall in the 80's. Creating a Hair Metal cover band with Olmstead in high school and playing live quite often, Josh knew guitar was what he wanted to do.


In the summer after graduating from high school on a trip to the local music store, Josh and Olmstead were approached by Ethan DeMore asking if they would fill in for his church band that Sunday. They accepted and have been playing together ever since. Beginning as a praise band, they slowly transformed into their own band covering Third Day and Decemberadio and then writing their own music. When they began writing Josh was able to get back to his early southern rock musical roots. Not only more fitting to DeMore's vocal styles but it was what  was coming out of the band naturally. “Even back when I played in the cover band playing the songs I loved, I always wanted to do something with the talents God has given me to give the glory back to him. Ethan [DeMore] approaching me about filling in may be the greatest blessing with my playing God has given me. It gave me a chance to do just that, and do it with the musical style I love.”